old-About us

Deccares was born out of the need to combine and find solutions based on the idea of sustainable development, out of concern for the little world that surrounds us. Only in this way can we change anything. By taking small, regular steps to make these changes for the better. In this way, we give the chance for a healthier reality in the future.

It is not only about respecting nature, but also people. We are in favour of working together, putting on a good relationship between those who care at least a little. But not only. Mutual respect between professional and private fields is crucial. That is why, apart from carrying out our own projects, we want to invite to cooperation brands that are characterized by good craftsmanship and willingness to make even the smallest changes.

In order to focus on what we do best, we use the available infrastructure and, where possible, we hand over to specialists some of the necessary tasks, such as cooperation with the NATURABAZAR.PL and the GreenPort warehouse. We want to shed light on brands that really care. Therefore, we will be very happy to cooperate by making our raw materials available for the production of joint collections, recommending noteworthy, good quality products that will serve for years.

Deccares is a certain declaration that we will try to live more carefully, also through what we will propose within our brand. We want to celebrate everyday life, appreciating even the smallest treasures. And the greatest motivation is our children.