As long as I can remember, I’d rather connect than divide. And from this need, the DECCARES brand was born – treasure friendly to man and nature, looking for interesting inspirations in the world of fashion and design, implementing its ideas based on cooperation with those who present excellent craftsmanship, with those who have the courage and who simply care.

I promise that everything we create together will be environmentally friendly, but also for you. It is with you in our mind that we are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of biodegradable, recycled, good quality parts for years to come; it is from this that we will create the best things for you and your home. Things that will be more than just a product. You can read about our plans and assumptions in the ABOUT US section.

Among OUR TASKS you’ll find certified organic fabrics and knitted fabrics, recycled and – most importantly – dyed naturally. Some limited series of products will be produced based on above mentioned materials. You can use them to literally wrap yourself in them as well as your home. Some of these products will be created by ourselves, while others will be helped by our partners, to whom we offer marketing support in creating joint collections – you can read about it all in the REALISATIONS section. I believe that thanks to such products my wardrobe and my house will become the best showcase of DECCARES brand. Because we care.

We want to inspire children and young people to adopt ecological attitudes from an early age. That is why our activities will include the creation and implementation of educational programs and numerous projects in this spirit together with our Partners, who also care about introducing the idea of sustainable development among the youngest. We have an exceptional team of people who are already working on it. In the future we want to have a special place to connect all of that. It is also OUR TREASURES.

DECCARES is also my personal declaration. I realize that I will not change everything. I bet on small steps, on searching for alternative solutions, on conscious consumption, on reducing its negative impact on the environment as much as possible. I’m betting on working on yourself. I’m betting on people who want to change anything and on relationships due to which we can do together much more. If you find us earlier than we find you, write – click on the CONTACT tab.